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Shashant Shah Biography

Shashant Shah Biography

Everyone remembers the film by its story, characters , songs and the actors of the films. But very few people actually remember the main person behind a successful film. The director of the film. Shashant Shah is also one of such veteran and successful directors whose films are famous but the director is not that much popular in common public. The talented director directed 2 films which people loved very much. He loves to work hard and is always in search something unique and different kind of scripts. He loves to portray a common man and his day to day problems. By depicting a common man's life, he loves to give the films with some social message and create some awareness in the public.

The films which Shashant Shah directed are 'Dasvidaniya' starring Vinay Pathak and Sarita Joshi. The film tells a story of a common man suffering from stomach cancer who wants to fulfil his 10 wishes before dying. His second film is 'Chalo Dilli' starring Lara Dutta and again Vinay Pathak which tells a story of two totally different people coming from totally different backgrounds commence a journey from Mumbai to Delhi together. Both of his films were critically acclaimed and got a moderate success at the box office.


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