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Shomu Mukherjee Biography

Shomu Mukherjee Biography

Shomu Mukherjee, the famous director, writer and producer was born in the year 1943 to Mr. Sashadhar Mukherjee, owner of Fimalaya studios. Getting his paternal connect into the industry, his mother Sati Rani Devi was too connected to the industry over her close ones working in the industry, though she did not actually appear in any films.

With his rest of the siblings, Joy Mukherjee and Deb Mukherjee rooting their foot strong in the industry, Shomu too landed up into the industry as a producer in the year 1972 with 'Ek Bar Mooskura Do'. The film garnered a well amount of prosperity, along with Shomu too enjoying the best of it.

Gasping a willing debut, Mukherjee walked a step ahead and ventured his second 'Nannha Shikari' in 1973 merely with a change, as writer, producer and director. As the talented persona basked his best professionally, his personal life too smelled the aroma, when he got himself hitched to then mesmerizing actress, Tanuja in 1973 itself.

Being happy on the personal forefront, Shomu rode high in business with his next offerings 'Chhaila Babu' and 'Fifty Fifty', this time too with a multi-talented vision of writing, producing and directing them both and making this quality his trademark in the industry. As we sense Shomu's talent, his fortune too followed the same pattern of offering him back-to-back hits which continued here as well.

Gathering a customized respect in B-Town, Shomu Mukherjee and Tanuja managed to upbring their two adorables, Kajol and Tanisha Mukherjee to be kind and sincere just as like their parents. Post these films, Shomu indulged himself in two other films 'Patthar Ke Insaan' and 'Sangdil Sanam' with the same trade marked profile.

Whereas, post 'Sangdil Sanam', Shomu never lured his fans again as an actor, his daughter Kajol took a step forward to continue his legacy in the industry, with a mere change, on the acting forefront. She waved like a wild fire during her young days, which has now helped her to become a renowned name in the industry. On the other hand, Shomu's younger princess, Tanisha is still searching her success in Bolly lanes.

As concerned about his spouse, Tanuja, she still manages to brighten the screen with her presence in random films, showcasing her in supporting roles. However, the multi-talented persona Shomu left his fans alone on the fateful day of April 10, 2008 due to a heart attack. The filmmaker at the age of 64, took a shocking exit from the dreamland, but surely will stay back with his films in our minds rendering his timeless outlook.


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