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365 Days: This Day movie preview; the movie is a sex fantasy with lots of chaotic mess in it

Based on the popular 2020 film, 365 Day: This Day, featuring Michele Morrone, is now available on Netflix.

BollywoodMDB Team | Updated On: Apr 29, 2022 07:02 AM IST

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365 Days: This Day movie preview; the movie is a sex fantasy with lots of chaotic mess in it

As the globe groused about a quarantine summer in June 2020, Netflix inserted a Polish-Italian sexual period drama called 365 Days into its methodology. It comes across as a moderate Fifty Shades of Grey: funkier, shittier, mutt and more insulting all at once, and much more crazy and corny. It was an undoubtedly bad film, but it was also a massive success. Interestingly, the film was heavily criticised for its composition, and when it became evident that the streaming platform would not repeat the same mistake again, it simply announced that a spinoff is already in the works. We're now in April 2022, and the sequel, titled '365 Days: This Is Your Life,' has been released.


The title 365 Days: This Day is very suitable, given that the sequel appears to last 365 days. This Day takes a long time to get into its storyline, unless you consider two couples having sex while loud, infuriating song plays for the first 25 minutes of a narrative. If we forge ahead through these occurrences, we will be rewarded with the dish's main meat, but it will be tricky, harsh, and unappealing by then. That previously stated meal is the cinematic equivalent of a dull, poorly drained love story intertwines with clichés and narrower than many viewers' tolerance going in. This Day, based on Lipiska's second novel, picks up where the previous movie left off — sort of. The cliffhanger finale of 365 Days is brutal.

Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) have married. Laura lost her unborn baby in the car wreck at the end of the first film, but she keeps the truth that she was pregnant in the first place a secret from her new husband. Laura is left to act the silent, upholding wife, a role she rapidly comes to resent given that the duties of a Mafia Don's wife are merely to sit there and be babied – for her safety, Massimo insists.

Nothing else happens in the first half of the movie. This Day starts as a feeble, extraneous picture for fictional sex, frittering away any narrative tension left over from the previous film and making no apparent effort to establish its own. In the second half, a telenovela-level melodrama comes to a hesitant boil. Massimo's ex has a sinister agenda, Massimo has unfinished business with his siblings, and Laura is attended by the mysterious, sexy gardener Nacho, who wears a hat with the word "c***" printed on it. It's all very goofy in an almost adorable way, but it's all done so messily that it can become boring and repetitive and leave you in a confusing mess.

To sum it up, the sequel to 365 Days is just as full of sex scenes set to pop music, has a few scenes that will raise an eyebrow or two, and has a pitifully low acting and writing grade. Everyone involved was evidently cast based on how amazing they looked in the midst of simulated orgasm. There is, however, nothing else here. If you remove all of the montages — which include not only sex but also shopping, eating, and driving fast cars along scenic mountain roads — you're left with about 15 minutes of story. As a result, we have this muddled, jumbled up mess that appears to be a poor rip-off of a soap opera and a shameful commercial for an erotic fiction thriller.

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