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100 Days Plot

Devi (Madhuri Dixit) who sometimes gets possessed with power of premonition. She experiences the sights and visions from the future, much to the disbelief and bewilderment of everyone. In a state of permonition, Devi sees her elder sister Rama (Moon Moon Sen) being murdered by a masked raincoat man. Rama is amused at her younger sister's scare. But Rama gets murdered - absolutely in the same manner as seen by Devi. The raincoat man burries the dead body of Rama in a wall of an old bungalow. The murderer and the dead body remain untraced. Five years later Devi falls in love with Ram Kumar (Jackie Shroff), a businessman. Devi and Kumar get married. The old bungalow comes back in Kumar's possession after he wins a legal battle. Kumar advises Devi to decorate the old bungalow while he goes away on tour. In that bungalow, Devi discovers the skeleton of her sister Rama! In another premonition, Devi sees a bald man murdering a woman and also some objects which include a video cassette titled 100 Days!. These objects keep haunting Devi till she finds the video cassette of 100 Days in reality. The cassette reveals the identity of the murderer. And Devi experiences a great shock! Who is the culprit? A mystery revealed by 100 Days.


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