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16 December Plot

16 December is a high-tech thriller involving an intelligence team hunting a gang that operates hawala transactions involving crores of rupees. The team realises to its showck that the hawala deals are actually only the tip of the iceberg. Rs. 5000 crore of indian money is transfered to a secret swiss bank account code named white lotus. With the money being so huge, the intelligence tema realises, it is a dangerous power-game. It has unwittingly hit upon, being conducted to find a massive terroist operation masterminded by an unkown guy. Further investigations reveal that the aim of the guy is to explode a nuclear bomb in the capital city of India. With hardly any time on their hands, the intelligence team has to not merely establish the identity of the guy and track him down but also thwart his plan to bomb the city. How the intelligence team ingeniously establishes - with hardly a clue to begin with - the identity of the terrorist mastermind, how it tracks him down, gets to the nuclear bomb and ultimately defuses it just a few seconds before it is to explode forms the latter part of the drama.


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