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27-13.20 Nakshatra Plot

Nakshatra is the story of a man Ajay, who aspires becoming a screen writer. He is in love with a girl named Jiya. Ajay and Jiya are two completely different individuals. The story begins with Ajay finally getting an opportunity to prove himself as a script writer. He's ecstatic and overjoyed especially since he would now be able to prove his worth to his love, Jiya. He takes it as his very first step towards the world of celluloid and his shining future.

The story that Ajay has to write on is based on the theme of 'Robbery'. He works day in and day out, working very hard in order to give the best script on his part. When, all of a sudden he is arrested, that too for a crime that he hasn't committed Jiya is left in a shock!
Sharad is Ajay's friend who has been around helping him whenever he needed some.

Ajay is promised a bail as soon as he could possibly arrange for one by Sharad. Jiya, simultaneously, takes up the task of finding the truth in order to prove Ajay innocent. On her way to completing the mission, she finds the true identity of the killer, taking her back by surprise. Even after she knows who was actually behind the crime she is not able to do anything, which leaves her mind restless.

The story is about how these two completely different individuals, one is a mislead dreamer and the other who chases facts in order to find truth, justice for her love and how they survive through the difficulties put forth by life. It basically is a thriller mixed with romance.


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