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3 Night 4 Days Plot

A pleasant mix of comedy, romance and slices of life that all of us can associate with. 3 nights and 4 days starring youthful stars like Samir Aftab and Hrishita Bhatt promises to be a surprisingly refreshing change for our recession stricken movie industry. The movie is about 6 friends who come together in Goa for 3 nights and 4 days to attend the wedding of Rocky (Samir Aftab) with his two year old girlfriend Marianne. But things are not the same with Rahul, Priya and Zoha; they have been busy making their careers and have different ideologies, whereas Amay and Antara are the same. The central role is being played Samir Aftab as Rocky, who is a trained musician and is settled in Goa. Rocky's talents have always landed him at the right places, and he plays as the lead guy in a popular Jazz band in the beautiful city of Goa. He met his wife to be Marianne during a concert and now they are settling down together. The friends come together to remember old times, have fun on the beach and enjoy the wedding of their best friend. But surprises and emotional roller coasters are in store as they all witness Marianne backing away from the commitment of marriage. The story shows how the group evolves with each other and convinces Marianne to come back with Samir as she soon realizes that falling in love with Rocky was the best thing to happen to her. Throw in some very catchy songs, hilarious moments and romance in the air; and you have the perfect recipe for a feel good film to be enjoyed by everyone.


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