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404 Plot

A major Medical society. A world famous Professor. An innovative student "Abhimanyu" who challenges his seniors and the practice of ragging prevalent in such educational institutions. A top secret that is locked everlastingly.

Professor Aniruddh gets overwhelmed with Abhimanyu's level-headedness and stubbornness when he decides to dismiss all rumours and moves into a space that has been prohibited for years. Thereafter appears an fascinating tale about a Professor who refuses the telepathic and trusts only in Science, and a brilliant juvenile student who fights with his clash of false impression and realism.Is what Abhimanyu sees genuine or is his brain playing trick?

Is the Professors confidence that "it's all in the mind" sufficient to induce the once lucid Abhimanyu that what he sees is not actual…or is it???
Do you trust what you witness 
……or ……..see what you trust?


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