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42 Kms Plot

The two main pillars of the story are Raja and Nisha.Raja can be best described as a grownup version of "Dennis the menace".He is a prankster, who keeps on irritating everyone with his playful nature. Almost everybody including his neighbors, professors, principal and even his father, who is also a police commissioner, had been the victims of his mischievous pranks. Troubled by complaints against Raja, Raja's father thinks of a plan to teach him a lesson and also to get rid of his pranks. He decides to send him to his uncle who is a strict disciplinarian military man in Dehradun. He somehow convinces Raja to go his uncle's house in Dehradun for a holiday. His uncle is probably the only person who can instill some discipline and focus in the wavered life and attitude of Raja.

On the other hand, Nisha is a con woman who has not only stolen diamonds worth Rs.100 crores from an exhibition but has also double crossed the boss of the most notorious gang which she was part of. Now she is on the run with the diamonds. Just imagine what would happen when a notorious prankster meets a super con woman? Destiny gets Raja and Nisha to meet in most unexpected and bizarre circumstances, when the smartest con girl and the biggest prankster meet, lots of fireworks follow in unwantingly.They follow it up with a set of wacky events and exchange of hearts. And a cat and a mouse game starts where couple of gangs dacoits and police all are on their hot trail.


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