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A Flat Plot

A flat is the story which revolves around Rahul who lives in U.S and a mysterious flat which changes his life forever whilst forcing him to think if some other individuals past can actually change the entire avenue of his life.
Rahul is forced to come back to appease his love- Preeti, after a series of totally haphazard events that leaves him completely flabbergasted. But first, he has to deal with the sudden and unfortunate death of his father in some very suspicious environment after he visits the flat. Secondly he has to deal with the dramatic disappearance of Preeti, his girlfriend which leaves him utterly bewildered.
Rahul is now all alone…trapped in that flat (which belongs to him)… in the company of no one else other than - a ghost…who will not let go off him and Rahul is now totally disconnected from the rest of the world in the flat.
It is during this period that Rahul goes through his journey of soul searching. He realizes that he oppressed Preeti. He tries to understand whether this flat is actually what he thinks or whether it is his imagination or a trap laid for him. He shudders to think that some other persons past can indeed change his entire life and now he has to soon find a way out of this situation or else he would not be spared by his only companion 'the Ghost'.


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