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Aafat Plot

Aafat story based on unmasking of a high level gang involved in trafficing of drugs and smuggled diamonds by Amar (Navin Nischol) an officer and Chaya (Leena Chandavarkar), a police officer. It is the story of Shera, a hired killer, who rises to great success in the underworld of crime, untill one day he is trapped. Aafat begins with the sudden and tragic Killing of a C.B.I. man at the airport, which leads Amar and the audience through a maze of exciting events. Amar is joined in the investigation by Mahesh a crime reporter, who unreavles quite a few mysterious. A not so discreet chase of a girl who frequents a library to which Amar and Mahesh and arrived following two suspicious characters, leads to a vice den. The girl involved is Rajni sister of Chaya the police officer Chaya but now in Amar's Love. Aafat has many characters of the world of crime, who are accosted by Amar, but the most significant is Champa (Prema Narayan), who signs and dances on the street, sells drugs, but makes some mistake for which she pays dearly. Amar and Chaya risk their very lives trying to solve the mystery behind the whole operation.


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