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Accident On Hill Road Plot

Accident on hill road is very clever and energetic thriller. The plot is a real life incident of a woman who drives her car into a man and then drives home and parks the car in garage with the injured man's body in the car. Starring Celina Jaitley as Sonam Chopra. She is young, energetic, hard partying, overworked nursing assistant. She is playing a very important role in this deliciously witty, dark humoured psychological thriller directed by Mahesh nair. Prakash shrivastav, played by Farooque Shaikh is the man who gets accidently hard hit by Sonam's car. She gets scared of it, takes the body in the car and drives in her garage. She informs this to her drug peddler boyfriend Sid, played by Abhimanyu Singh. Both of them decides to not get him medical aid in fear of ruining her future and leaves him hanging between life and death in the garage. The story doesn't end here. Soon her fate presents a new game for her. The mystery starts starts solving in a very unexpected manner leading to a bad and outrageous battle for survival. Be prepared to unlock this mysterious and shockingly funny entertainment.


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