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Achanak Plot

In "ACHANAK" Arjun's (Govinda) cause of happiness is his lovable father, brother (Rahul Roy), sister-in-law (Farha), brother-in-law (Dilip Tahil) & a family lawyer Sagar (Paresh Rawal) who masterminds their prospering business. Arjun's happiness is doubled when he meets his love Pooja (Manisha Koirala) & when the love blossoms, Arjun's heart beats double but it almost comes to a stop when danger lurks in the form of an attempt on Arjun & Pooja's life. They are saved but in a freak incident Arjun's brother gets killed by his wife Madhu (Farha) & Arjun's love becomes convict & how?... That it what gives a sudden jolt to the story as well as to Arjun. Arjun's problem is compounded when he help Pooja to escape from jail, but he can't escape from his family responsibilities as his father gets killed brutally and he has to solve the mystery carefully because the mystery is shrouded in his near & dear ones..... Now Arjun & Pooja have to play the ultimate game to expose evils & in the process the protagosists become the victim of the Police..... Like the proverbial phoenix our protagosists rise & how! Songs, thrills, action, emotions is what makes ACHANAK always one step ahead of what people presume & at the end nobody can say they had assumed the things..... Anytime, anything can happen.....ACHANAK.


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