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Action Jackson Plot

Vishy (Ajay Devgn) is a Mumbai based small time goon, who has a stalker Khushi (Sonakshi Sinha) following him every now and then. She considers him as her lucky charm and finds occasion to be with him. Soon they both fall in love and she makes him quit alcohol and crime. However, when he switches to be a good man, local police and several international goons are behind him for the things he has never attempted. Clueless Vishy's confusion gets cleared when he sees his own lookalike Jai a.k.a. "AJ" (Ajay Devgn) fighting with them all.

This half solved confusion leaves Vishy even more puzzled, as is left with an urge to know- who is this man "AJ"? What is his real identity? Why Bangkok-based Don Xavier (Anandaraj) and his hit men are behind him? Answers of all these questions form the story ahead only to discover that AJ's past will now decide Vishy's future.


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