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The story revolves around Bunty who is madly in love with his girlfriend Tanya. But, there's one tiny problem- Bunty is commitment phobic! This problem is deeply embedded in his mind due to the bitterness and arguments that he has seen in the marital life of his very own parents – Kishen and Mala.

Kishen and Mala had an arranged marriage and are the most perfect example of a perfect match made in hell. And this puts a major fright in his mind. But now, Bunty finds himself in a pickle as Tanya's grandfather, Professor Anthony Gonsalves issues an ultimatum to him.

As per the ultimatum, Bunty has to make a decision to either marry Tanya or STOP SEEING HER COMPLETELY! Bunty will have to make a decision as soon as possible or all his dreams of living a happy and well settled life with Tanya would be shattered.

Bunty arranges a surprise party on the occasion of the 35th wedding anniversary of his parents Kishen and Mala but unfortunately, all his efforts fail as the party turns into a major disaster with another argument of his parents. This entire incident leads him into wishing that he could change their destiny by altering their past somehow. Weird wish! How could such a thing be possible?

Aha! That is possible with the help the time machine owned by the professor! So Bunty then decides to steal the time machine with the help of which he would be able to travel back in time and as such he would be able to change Kishen and Mala's distasteful arranged marriage into love marriage bringing romance to the fore.

He goes back to that period where Kishen was still a bachelor and Mala a spinster. While, Kishen on one hand is an absolute nerd and a perfect book worm who is mercilessly bullied by his father on the other hand Mala was a tomboy who used to feel greatly pleased by ragging Kishen, who she totally hates and can't even bear to see him. It is the same period where Raj Bahadur i.e. Kishen's father and Bholi Devi i.e. Mala's mother were utter rivals of each other.

The summary and solution of the entire problem as Bunty sees is to change the entire personality of his father thus, drastically changing him from a nerdy creature to the most eligible bachelor in town. But that alone wouldn't be enough. He would also have to transform his mother from a tomboy to a woman who herself epitomizes grace itself. Thereafter, he has to head forth to achieving his main motto i.e. to make them fall in love with each other (which quite evidently is impossible). But that isn't the only impossible task after they fall in love he then has to get his grandparents (who were arch rivals then) to agree to the love marriage of their children. And until he accomplishes all this his future and happy ending with Tanya is in complete darkness.


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