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Ada Plot

When it comes to underworld Hindi Film Industry finds new ideas to address it to its viewers. ADA is one of them. It is the story of a simple boy named Ayaan, his father is a Noble human being named Anil Anand, and he has a Spiritual Mother, named Aamina. His father Anil one day starts receiving death threats from a criminal group to ensure that he do not witness against some criminals and from that day soft spoken Ayaan changes. He selects the path of revenge when his father gets murdered by that criminal group. His world of happy and good possibilities falls to pieces in front of his face. He becomes a contract killer and starts taking contract against all the criminals of Mumbai. He becomes part of the criminal stream, where he searches for truth and happiness among them. The disturbed character of Ayaan Anand is based on present tragedy. ADA is a contemporary film, as it induces us to think twice on the youth-crime phenomenon. As it is a very touching and freshly piece of story.


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