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Alibaba aur 41 chor Plot

The story is about a very mischievous kid, Chinku, who lives with his uncle who is overcome with greed.
The story begins when Chinku along with his uncle goes to a mall one evening. There Chinku sees a mean man scolding a little child for dropping ice-cream on his shoe. Chinku goes there and speaks for the child, which angers the mean man and he runs after Chinku. To save himself Chinku lands up in an Arabian Nights stall in the mall where he notices an enchanted talking book and gets sucked into it.
Bang! And he reaches the fantasy world of Alibaba and the forty thieves through this book.
He enters the magical world of Alibaba which he totally enjoys and loves but at the same time, he is scared too. All instances leads to Chinku getting merged into the story of Alibaba and the 40 thieves.
He finds Alibaba who becomes his good friend. Alibaba introduces him to his calamity cursed camel, Suleiman whose name is his own enemy. Then there is Alibaba's gullible dog, Pasha who lives with the camel and the intelligent and beautiful maid, Marjinah, at Alibaba's brother's house.
Along with the friends Chinku also becomes an enemy of the extremely wicked and dangerous leader of the gang of 40 thieves-Abu Hasan and when they meet for the first time one of the thieves robs Chinku's locket. That locket was very dear to him. He valued it so much that he didn't even care about his life when it came to it. In the fight to get the locket back he gets hold of a dagger which is the life of Abu Hasan. Now, Abu Hasan wants his dagger back for which Chinku's greedy uncle helps him in the chase for Chinku.
The climax is filled with action that takes place in the fantasy world of Alibaba as well as the real world at Marine Drive. The characters of the real and the fantasy world get mixed up and the collision of both the worlds leads to a blast of laughter, fun, action and fantasy.
Chinku has to do his best in order to disentangle the fantasy and the real world and return to his own world and he has to do it quickly as the medium through which he came is about to be closed forever.
Being successful in this mission he returns home being a more responsible and mature child who is ready not only to take on life but to have more fun and live the adventure in the many more fantasy worlds to come.


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