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Allah Ke Bande Plot

Allah Ke Banday is a movie that crosses the life of 2, 12 year old boys living in one of the cruelest slums of India. From distributing drugs for the Mafia to prowling citizens with their transvestite friend the 2 aim to emphasize their place in this earth of offense.

But when they are mistakenly crooked for a slaughter and thrown to the Juvenile Reformatory, they find out a World more disorganized and dangerous to stay alive in, than the one they left at the back.

The older patients with the contribution and consent of the terrible Juvenile warden, subject the 2 friends to all types of torment to repress their intelligence of control. But not the ones to take it lying down, they begin budding an extra menacing criminal fixation instead of transforming and set on a chase for final authority.

Set liberated at 23, Vijay (the intellectual one with perilous thoughts) and Yakub (the hot headed one) structure a bunch of criminals of teenage boys to rule the slums where they were born. The cruel series of life continues.

But life compels the 2 men to make a choice between selecting their misguided early days dreams and salvation.

Salvation comes, but with a grave cost.

Allan Ke Banday (Children of the Divine) is a movie about kids in crime, about the motivation for salvation and above all, this is a movie about love. Love for everyone 'Children of the Divine'.


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