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Angoor Plot

This laugh a minute riot entertainment is about not one but two pairs of twins.one pair of master (Sanjiv Kumar) and the other pair of servant (Devan Verma). Uypal Dutt and had wife has twin sons. When on holiday they find another pair of twin infant boys,who had unfortunately been desrted by their parents.Uypal Dutt decided to bring them home. During the storm at sea trhey get separated into two groups-Uypal Dutt one son and servant and his wife with the other son and servant. All goes well until one fine day,twenty years later,one pair of master and servant come for business to the same town where the other pair of master and servant is residing.the town people seem to know them quite well which arouse their suspicion that a gang of thieves is trying to loot them. At some point of time one master meets the other twins servant and mistakes him to be his own servant.At another point of time the wife of the twin brother takes her brother in law to be her husband,one is mistaken for the another in this film of mistaken identities and this leads to a spate of events. The timing, the punches and the comedy created by this jodi no. 1 of Sanjeev kumar and Verman had made this film a box office hit. In this gulzar's directed film of double trouble,double comedy,Sanjeev Kumar has done a splendid job for which he was nominated as a best actor for Filmfare Award.Devan Verma is just too brilliant in the role of servant.


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