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Ankhon Dekhi Plot

Bauji (Sanjay Mishra), is an ordinary lower middle class aged man who lives in a small Old Delhi home with his family and his brother (Rajat Kapoor) and his family. A day dawns when he and his family are told that his daughter is seeing a guy who is an ill reputed person and they beat him up till he relents and cries. This compels Bauji to re-think the way he has been living his life and decides that he won't believe anything till he tests the truth himself.

This sets him on path to search for the ultimate reality in life. However his ways to find the truth make him behave weird and quirky. This really irks and at times embarrasses his family. Also he earns his own gang of cronies who think they have something to learn from him. However, as time goes by Bauji comes to know everything that he should and finally concludes the inevitable.


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