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Ankur Arora Murder Case Plot

The film starts with Ankur Arora (Vishesh Tiwari) an eight year old kid of a single mother Nandita ( Tisca Chopra). Once, Ankur complains his mother about a rigorous stomachache. His mother runs him into the big hospital of the city named as Shekhawat General Hospital. A young medical intern Dr. Romesh (Arjun Mathur) admits him in the hospital and gets fond of him shortly. Ankur's case is handed over to the expert surgeon Dr. Asthana (Kay Kay Menon) who is one of the best surgeons of the city. Dr. Asthana is an arrogant celebrity doctor of a posh hospital who thinks himself of God and believes that the profession of medicine is mere a business. Dr. Asthana decides to perform a surgery to treat Ankur's simple appendicitis. But, due to Dr. Asthana's at ease attitude and negligence, complications arise in the operating room and Ankur falls into the coma on the operating table. After two days due to complications, Ankur breathes his last. Romesh, who is fond of Ankur tries to investigate the case and learns that it was Dr. Asthana who is responsible for Ankur's death. Romesh, who believes Asthana as his mentor and icon gets shattered after seeing his mentor's other side.

Arrogant Dr. Asthana gets desperate to conceal his mistake and threatens everybody in the operating room to destroy their careers if the truth gets leaked out by anybody. Nandita gets distressed over the death of her only son but accepts the made up story by the hospital. But being a noble medicine man, Romesh shares everything with Nandita and the quest for justice begins for both of them. However Romesh's colleague and love of live Dr. Riya (Vishakha Singh) does not support him in this fight for justice but takes the unjust stand. But an upright lawyer Kajori Sen (Paoli Dam) joins the duo and the matter reaches to the court. Will a broken mother be able get the justice for her dead child?


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