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Apartment Plot

Apartment is the story of suspense, thrill, romance etc. It is the story of an airhostess Preeti Sengupta (Tanushree Dutta) who lives in a flat with her boyfriend Karan Malhotra (Rohit Roy) in the northern suburbs of Mumbai. In the same apartment lives Madhusudan Tanha (Anupam Kher) who is a poet and struggles for lyricist. Tanha lives alone in his flat and the only companion of him is a Persian cat whom he calls Shehzadi with love.

One day Preeti feels that his boyfriend was disloyal to her and eventually she kicks him out of her flat. But very soon she realizes that it was very difficult for her to afford the rent of her flat. One of her fellow airhostesses advice her to hunt another roommate, so that her roommate could bear half the rent of the flat. She likes this idea and gives advertisement for it.

On the advice of a fellow airhostess, she advertises for a tenant to share her flat. In response to her advertisement, a small town girl Neha Bhardwaj (Neetu Chandra) comes to her and seeks accommodation in her flat. Preeti gets impressed by Neha's simplicity and respectfulness. She gets very relaxed and delighted that she had found a room-mate of her choice. Thus the two girls live in that flat together and become friends.

For some days everything goes well but then horrible things start taking place. Preeti's normal life gets into trouble. Unexpected and terrible incidents keep taking place. There is mystery, murder and many other things in the film.

Who is behind all these horrible happenings? Is Tanha linked with these happenings? Its answers can be seen in the film Apartment.


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