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Aseema Plot

'Aseema – Beyond Boundaries' is a maiden venture by KJ Dream Ventures. The movie is based on the highly praised Oriya novel 'Aseema' written by renowned Oriya poet and novelist Sailaja Kumari Aparajita Mohanty and is the tale of a young lady played by Gracy Singh. The movie takes you through her trip of life as she exhibits the power of her character by absolute flexibility and confidence in order to attain all her goals single-handedly, by this means creating her own identity in the world. Along with the theme of womanhood, the movie also brings in the idea of true love – love that is further than any limitations. It swears to portray different definitions of love that have hardly ever been explored earlier. It's a tale that redefines relationships and revitalizes unadulterated love. The movie also assures to explore different feelings like love, dreams, wishes, expectations, sacrifices and power, making it a wholly rollercoaster journey. It is a profit-making movie with a hint of sensible cinema that assures to appeal to Indian viewers around the world.


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