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Azaan Plot

India is nation which is a mixed bag of contradictory things and paradox. A nation with a weak grip over its people, authority and future: and also one of the top five economies present on the earth. A nuclear power with astounding levels of scarcity!

An emerging player in the politics of the world; much to the surprise of the developed countries and the jealousy of its neighbours! The population of India is nearly1.6 billion: its biggest curses as many people think and some think its population to be its strength. What would be if this big population would have been used as a weapon against India itself?
A Conspiracy
As science and technology is developing and breaking new grounds, the face of global terrorism gets ugly. One man who personifies this in his aspirations, cleverness and total amorality is Doctor. The doctor happens to be an Ex-CIA agent. He is also the father of recent biological competition. The doctor might as well have written the handbook on how to alter operation ought to work!
The doctor believes that the modern war is the proxy war and thus he created innumerable ways to push a nation to the point of devastation.

The magnificent plan of the doctor for India starts with the breathtaking bombings at the harmony festival in Germany. The 2nd step in the devastation of India is his monstrous conspiracy to spread the dreaded Ebola virus amongst the people of India. The doctor is supported by a powerful country, which is extremely interested in the supreme of India.
A Common Man
One of the most improbable candidates is rutted against the immoral Doctor. His name is Azaan Khan who is a young upright army officer who works for RAW (India's Research and Analysis Wing). With a diverse ancestry of India and Afghan parents, as an element of his jobs, gets strained in to the gloomy world of spying only to discover his younger brother a so-called terrorist. As Azaan gains access to it deeply, he does not get a clue of the cost he might have to give for it. What opens out thereafter is a speedy of determination of one man to save his nation against all odds of human disobedience.

Afreen who is a beautiful sand artist-comes along the way of Azaan when Azaan is weak and broken down. Afreen grounds him with human sentiments of love that provides him strength to triumph over the plot. Azaan stands in the way of the plans of the doctor to wipe out India. The only thing he has on his side is the love the love for his country and the love of a brother.


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