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Baadshah Plot

Raju (Shah Rukh Khan) is a small time private detective with big ambitions. He uses all kinds of techno-gimmicks to impress customers. He is employed by a rich girls (Twinkle Khanna) Seema's father to persuade her to marry a boy of his choice in the course of which they fall in love. To complete his task Raju has to expose himself for a fraud. Seema feels betrayed and despises him. On an assignment to rescue a kidnapped child from Goa Raju's identity gets mixed up with that of CBI officer Deepak Tijori who is codenamed Baadshah & on the same flight. Deepak Tijori gets killed and Raju gets unknowingly embroiled Deepak's mission of foiling an assasination attempt on the Goa Chief Minister Ms. Gayatri Bachchan (Rakhee). Also Deepak is Seema-Twinkle Khanna's brother and she is looking for him. Some hilarious sequences follow through to a climax of saving the Chief Minister and winning over Seema.


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