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Baaraat Company Plot

Imaan Singh, who was sort of brainwashed into thinking that love and love-marriages are the evil for society and it should be abolished and in order to keep those principles of him working to the society and to keep his marriage planning business alive, Imaan started to forcefully wreck in into relationships of people so they would marry the suitor planned by their parents, not the one they love. Until Mehek, who came back to her hometown from Delhi, as her friend wishes to get married, without her parents' consent and needed Mehek to take such brave decisions! And as the fate of their deeds is concerned, their destiny crosses each other!

Imaan finally realized how unreasonable his mindset was and how unjustified he was toward those couples, whom he spread apart. And as an act of redemption, he joins Mehek & her cause and started helping her friend to get married. But what after effects it causes after they took the decision and the kind of misadventures they got involved in is the story of Baaraat Company.


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