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Baby Plot

After the terror attack of 26/11, an undercover team Baby comes in force to uproot terrorism from India. Initially it starts with the team of 12 secret agents, however only four survive till their last mission.

Film 'Baby' revolves around the story of the last mission of this undercover team. It starts in Istanbul where an undercover agent named Rakesh is brutally murdered by a group of terrorists, after his Indian companion Jamal cheats on him. However, a dare-devil officer Ajay (Akshay Kumar) seizes Jamal and grasps vital information from him that Maulana Mohammed Rehman (Rasheed Naz) from Pakistan is planning for a big terror attack in India.

This short yet significant note sets the 'Baby' team in action to crack Maulana's evil plan, before it creates turmoil on Indian soil.


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