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Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai Plot

Suraj (Abhishek) plays a character hailing from Varanasi. He decides to try his luck in Mumbai. While trying to manage a foothold in the city of dreams, Suraj comes across Pooja (Rani Mukherji) and falls in love with her. Falling in love proves lucky for him because his career starts taking off. Naved Ali (Jackie Shroff), a successful media personality, takes him under his wing and Suraj believes in him completely. Naved's right-hand woman is Lara (Sushmita Sen), his ally in all his shady deals and a temptress. Slowly, Suraj starts enjoying the luxuries of life – a bungalow, flashy cars, money et cetera. But he realises that that the man he has admired and wanted to emulate – Naved – is not the good man he thought him to be, but a manipulative, calculating, power hungry editor of a paper. Instead of staying with Naved and Lara, he returns to Pooja for a peaceful life.


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