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Bittoo Boss Plot

'Bittoo Boss' is a young attractive, original and a fun filled wedding cameraman. He takes pride in calling himself a "Sesky Video Shooter". Bittoo Boss is the star of all wedding ceremonies of Anandpur Sahib. Anandpur Sahib is a small city in Punjab.

Bittoo is a man who believes in distributing happiness through the beautiful moments he captures with his camera, and beautiful moments which you can replay and you can watch them for years after years and smile looking at them. In this way, making their earnest experiences which remain everlastingly.

Bittoo falls in love with an educated and strong-headed girl. She makes him realize the significance of monetary stability and financial gains in order to add respect and acknowledgment. He is obsessed in love and bitten by the girl he loves. Thus you see that the smart and virtuous cameraman is tempted to take a shortcut so that he could earn a speedy buck and get his life back on track. What follows is a crazy ride.


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