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Bol Plot

The movie Bol is Shoaib Mansoor's 2nd dramatic get through of revealing life with its complications. He earlier made film Khuda Kay Liye, fetched many international awards, and after that film Bol is next fascinating story written by him. A story which demonstrates the truth of life very intimately! The web of relations within a family that hardly makes ends get together. On pinnacle of the shortage the father subscribes to a set of principles many would share their own experience with that…principles that we become heir to and firmly hold on to, ideals that symbolize contradictions, and values that no one has questioned till now.
The film Bol happens to be a roller coaster of emotions, still this film contain subtitles that make your heartbeat bring to a halt. The story of the film has been in the base of Lahore and the incidents take place in a house which is full of daughters, with enthusiasm of life, still boundaries are on budding. It asks the audience the worth of a human being, might it be a lady or a man born with shortcomings. It asks questions on the power of reproducing human beings into this world without taking accountability of acknowledging their significance.
This film takes you from beginning to end on a journey into the life of this family who experience their difficulty, distress, resolves and elevated points. As the members of this family take decisions to fix their trouble they get deep into more troubles. The difficulty of their situations becomes a great effort of life and death.
Humaina Malick, after acquiring name and fame on the small screen in the past years has been chosen for the big films for the 1st time. She plays the role of a daughter who gets pretentious the mainly by the family stresses. She admires and pay respect to the norms what her parents has given to her still is forced by her spontaneous logic and intelligence for justice to fight back.
Atif Aslam plays the role of a neighbour, who has become enlightened, and with his 2 loves, the first one for music and the other second one for the next door beautiful girl, Mahira Khan, adds romance and tune to the motion picture.
Iman Ali would be watched in a very diverse role than her normal appearances. Courtesan who is undecided between the standards of achievement her family regards her as so significant and the desires of her own heart.

Bol is Bold.


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