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Bolo Raam Plot

Murder mysteries are yet to be solved, as even this movie talks about a fast-paced and fascinating thriller, it's a murder mystery. A boy, Raam, is said to have killed his mother, Archana and is charged in the murder case. But instead of all this Raam is experiencing a state of shock due to his mother's death, he suffers from a brief psychotic disorder and becomes silent, and he doesn't talk or react in any manner possible. The mystery starts unfolding as the investigating officer, Indrajeet Singh Rathi, tries and makes raam reply but instead he gets puzzled and fails in making Raam speak. He gets frustrated of all this and consults a Psychiatrist, named Dr. Ns. Negi to help him in knowing the cause of Raam's state of mind and the reason for his silence. The movie further progresses as he interrogates and questions each and every person who is in some or the other way possibly connected to Archana and Raam. And starts finding every possible motive that what must have made Raam kill his own mother. Furthermore various other personalities, Raam's neighbors, Sub-Inspector Sajid Khan, his daughter, Juhi and son, Sameer also become a part of by Rathi's interrogation. Basically the story surrounds Raam in every possible way to make him speak the fact related to him and his mother's murder. So let's find out that will he be able to speak out. Plz BOLO RAAM, as breaking his silence can only solve the puzzle?


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