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Bombay Boys Plot

Krishna (Naveen Andrews) is from New York's prestigious drama school and he's looking for a role in a Hindi film. He's signed up for a campy B-movie being financed by the local Mafioso, Mastana (Naseeruddin Shah). Xerxes (Alexander Gifford), a violinist is in India to "Find Himself" – he finds himself being victimized by an amorous homosexual, Pesi (Roshan Seth). Ricardo (Rahul Bose) is looking for his long-lost brother but what he finds is love. He falls headlong in love with Dolly (Tara Deshpande), Mastana's moll! Indian culture and values have moved with globalization to a place that's very different from where the NRIs think it's at this is the message of this off beat film.


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