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Break Ke Baad Plot

Break ke baad is a story on the lives of Abhay Gulati and Aaliya Khan (played by Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone respectively) who know each other for most of their lives. They've been friends from the age of 4. By the time they reach 15 Abhay realizes that Aaliya is indeed that girl made for him and their friendship grows into love.

Aaliya has a sole determination/ ambition in her life of becoming an actress and she doesn't care of who ever or whatever comes in her way. While Abhay, on the other hand, still doesn't know what he really wants in his life and so he ends up competing with Aaliya's eternal plans and projects. He does so in order to see her dreams come true. But trouble brews when as per relationships blooms and grows their differences also silently increase as a result of the vast differences in their personality.

Everything comes to halt when Aaliya decides that she needs to move to Australia for her further studies and Abhay is left with nothing else but with a prospect of nurturing a long distance relationship. But, deep within, he fears that he may probably lose Aaliya forever. Thinking over it he decides that may be this is the best time for them to know whether this is what they really want or not and trusting his faith, he lets her move ahead with her plans.

Whatever choices they make here on seems to be testing their relationship.

Aaliya forgoes almost everything to achieve her dream, even her loved ones. While, Abhay faces the prospect of probably losing every bit of his self respect, dignity and even his ego. Until realization draws upon each one of them - Aaliya realizes that even after you achieve your dreams if there is no one around you to celebrate it, it's useless and Abhay realizes that there is no greater happiness than to see your dream come to life bit by bit. Each one of them makes their share of mistakes, suffer disappointments and even end up losing each other but only to eventually become stronger as individuals.

Break ke baad does not only portray a couple who comes off age but rather a couple who learns to grow up together. It is a story of how Abhay and Aaliya save their relationship despite being miles away geographically which contrasts the real world - wherein relationships are so fragile that it ends over the slightest of differences.


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