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Buddha in a Traffic Jam Plot

Vikram Pandit who is a student of the Indian Institute of Business, becomes the blue eyed student of Professor Jamshed Batki. Under Batki's control Vikram begins public discoursing and printing articles in his own name that are written by Batki himself. The articles, which transact with the troubles of the poor people in India, are posted on his Blog as well as Facebook.
The story portrays the anguish of the underprivileged in India. The trouble is primordial but the solution must be up to date. Vikram presents i.e. puts forward a modern day answer that could sidestep all red tape and political obstacles. Encouraging and smoothing the progress of an idea where faith shortage can be minimized… How a fundamental business replica can successfully substitute sluggish policies… How a combined will and power of monetary resources could fast track consequences.
Slowly but surely as under layers of the story facade and masks are removed from the faces of individuals around him, Vikram comprehends what he is up against; he must discover a means out of the gutter he has got himself into, where his own life is at risk now… and each person around him is a suspect.


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