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Bumm Bumm Bole Plot

Khogiram (Atul Kulkarni), his spouse (Rituparna Sengupta) and their children Pinu (Darsheel) and Rimzim (Zia) come from a terrorist dominated region. Khogiram and Ritu have a very low income and who work for a tea farm and can hardly manage daily needs. Their children are in distress by this as well. They go to a reputable school as it is Khogiram's goal to provide them the learning chances which he had missed. But the monetary crisis makes it hard for the children to match the values of the school. They don't have sufficient money for school dress, shoes or books. Things become bad when Pinu misplace Rimzim's the only pair of shoes in one vegetable store!

Rimzim is unable to go to school for studies because she doesn't have shoes. They make a plan so that both of them could share the same shoes. However, Pinu all the time gets into problem at school waiting for Rimzim to hand over him the shoes. He gets news about a competition in Interschool Marathon where one of the awards is a pair of shoes. Pinu wants to take part in the competition and win the shoes for Rimzim.

Would Pinu get success in winning the shoes for his sister and prevent his fathers' fury? Would God help him so that he could bring an end to his problems?  This is the story of Bumm Bumm Bole..


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