Chala Mussaddi - Office Office Plot

Mussaddi Lal Tripathi is a retired school master, the typical "Common Man" who is disturbed by the serious illness of his wife who takes her to the hospital. And there the complete carelessness and vested interests of the doctors result in her premature death. Mussaddi then along with his tramp son Bunty, who is young and unemployed, set out for his pilgrimage to the 4 Holy sites for the immersion of the ashes of his wife.
When he is not at home some pension officers reach at the house of Mussaddi to find out his status. The neighbour of Musaddi Gupta tells them that he had gone far away, and the Pension Officers mistakenly understand that Mussaddi Lal had died, and then report him dead in their records.
When Mussaddi comes back he finds out to his utter shock that he was dead in the files of government records. He attempts his heart out to make the Pension Office staff accept as truth  that he was not dead but was alive, but the officers are not at all convinced at all and above all they want appropriate proofs of him being alive. Mussaddi Lal bemused and sad by the mockery of the circumstances sets out on his mission to collect proofs that he was alive whereas the Pension Office staffs resolve that whatever proofs Mussaddi would bring,  they would not permit him to be officially alive because they had already wiped up his pension money.
Mussaddi determines to protest in his own manner and plans to take the law in his hands.
Does Mussaddi ultimately get his justice or does he hang about as a dead sufferer of the bureaucracy? Could Mussaddi conquer the corrupt structure and its officers and be victorious, and alive, if so how?
Watch and find out in this extraordinary story of despair, persistence, upheaval, truth, integrity and comedy. "CHALA MUSSADDI..OFFICE OFFICE - THE MOVIE"


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