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Chalo Dilli Plot

There is a famous saying of PLATO-"Be Kind to Whoever You Meet- Because everyone is going Through a Hard Battle"

Chalo Dilli is a street motion picture. An expedition that starts with the self-motivated Mihika Mukherjea. A physically powerful, willed young lady, who is a Senior Vice President, of a reputed multinational financial organization, in Mumbai. A jet setter, go-getter, no rubbish lady, Mihika splits the world into losers and winners and she is aware of the fact that which side she is on. Mrs Clear Cut!

The basis is straightforward. Mihika is going back to her residence from Mumbai to Delhi (to her husband who is a banker and lives and works in Delhi). On the way she misses her flight and bumps into Manu Gupta, a chubby and loud 'Ladies Cut-piece' trader who possess a small 10 by 10 shop at Karol Bagh Delhi.

Manu is the whole thing that Mihika is not. Loud. Crass.  Loathsome.   Impolite.  (He is that kind of person who speaks on his mobile phone loudly in the theatre and after that spits gutkaa juice in the passageway...). He is not an idiot. He is very elegant. Street stylish. But mostly; more than smart. And boy...do they shell out for it!

As destiny (and the story) would have it... Mihika finds herself up in circumstances where she and Manu are trapped together for the remaining of the journey to Delhi.

A weird expedition full of exciting activity, insanity and crazy comic instants with the oddest travelling couple ever! (Mihika drinks Evian and at the same time as he is silent drinking from a bore well...Mihika smokes Virginia Slims, whereas he munches Gopal zarda)

A weird expedition through air, road and rail from Mumbai, via Jaipur to Delhi.

An expedition which along with these two central characters showcases the actual India. It's colorful and humorous people and their weirdness.

But more than everything, all it's a journey within for her. Where the actual growth takes place when she reaches her destination of Delhi... (Which is a huge moment because getting home turns out to be harder than she had imagined).

And once Mihika ultimately reaches Delhi (in duration of a day and a half), weary, exhausted and with many stories to narrate her grandkids sometime, the ethical of the tale dawns upon her...

"Do not judge people by face value.... Including yourself".

Come. Be a fraction of the craziest roller coaster voyage of your lives…with Manu and Mihika, and their booming battle cry Chalo Dilli!!!


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