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Champion Plot

Young Abbas (Master Abhishek Sharma) refuses to go out with his parents - He insists on being left alone to play. Little does he know that he will be left alone… forever. The hands of a demonic killer Nazeer (Rahul Dev) are at work, who has his very own reasons for the heinous act… and now he is gunning for the little child Abbas with a vengeance… Enter policeman Rajvir Singh of Patiala (Sunny Deol) who comes to the city with futuristic dreams of medals and accolades. He is assigned the task of protecting Abbas and saving him from the wrath of Nazeer and thus the jaws of death. But even he is not to know that the task is far more enormous than he had contended. Thus begins a battle of fisticuffs and wits between the two antagonists… And an endearing relationship between the child and his protector- his Champion.


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