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Chatur Singh Two Star Plot

He is a person who knows everything about nothing... and above all, he is on a task to demolish himself! He is none other than Chatur Singh 2 Star (played by Sanjay Dutt). He is a notorious member of the Mumbai Police Department who, when he was in his job, had been very victorious at spoiling up cases and making a fool of himself. Even though he had been a shame to he squad, Chatur Singh had just been handed one of the biggest cases in the history of his department and of course, it is an ideal opportunity for him to prove all why he was the best officer they were having.
Chatur Singh goes on for the secret assignment to another country - South Africa where he straight away ensures that there were problems for all... because he was the main problem of everyone! His tricks are dangerous to health and unquestionably likely to cause grave injury; he was completely clueless and still he keeps hesitant on all the right clues and thanks to a small help from the attractive Sonia (played by Ameesha Patel). His awkward gesture, clumsiness and of course his 'super intelligence' sets off a cord of very funny events which lead to more disorder and confusion than anyone could have ever thought. The villains are on the run, with Chatur in close hunt!
Add to this disordered battle, Pappu Panther (Suresh Menon), who is the right hand of Chatur Singh or in this case "wrong hand" person; he loves and worships his master Chatur, which makes him an even greater idiot than Chatur Singh himself!
Sanjay Dutt is at his spine tickling best with different costumes and looks which are totally hilarious... but he will not stop at that. Therefore, hold on to your tummies and wait for Chatur Singh's film which would be hitting the theatres soon!


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