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Chef Plot

Roshan Kalra (Saif Ali Khan) is a well-established Chef in one of the most popular restaurants in New York called Galli Cafe. Destiny plays a trick and he is fired from his job. Instead of searching for a new job, he decides to go to India and spend some time with his son Armaan (Svar Kamble) and ex-wife Radha (Padmapriya) who live in Kochin. Spending time with his family, he realises that he is having a gem of a time with his family and on a friend's suggestion he starts a food truck.

Roshan's his mobile restaurant, Raasta Cafe, becomes a hit among people. But before he could take everything to the next level, he gets an exciting job offer in New York. Will Roshan accept the offer and go back to New York or will he choose to stay back?


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