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Chennai Express Plot

The story takes off with bachelor Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) , living with his old grandparents in Mumbai. The 40-years old Rahul is a Halwai by profession. Post the death of 99-years old grandfather, Rahul takes the ashes to immerse in two places, in Ganga and in Rameshwaram, as per the last wish of his grandfather. At the same time, he also dreams of going on a vacation to scenic Goa along with his foreign-returned friends. With a different plan in mind, he boards Chennai Express. And then, he comes across Meenamma Lochani (Deepika Padukone) , a South girl and the daughter of a dodgy underworld mafia. The film showcases the way in which stumbling upon Meenamma in the train turns Rahul's life upside down.


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