Chhota Bheem and the throne of Bali Plot

'Chhota Bheem and the throne of Bali' is an animated movie which tells the story of Bheem and his mates , the famous superhero cartoon characters. The film depicts the story of Bheem and his friends Chutki, Raju, Bholu, Dholu, Jaggu and Kalia who head to kingdom Bali to attend the crowning ceremony of Bali's prince Arjun.

So, Bheem along with his friends and King of Dholakpur Raja Indravarma and Rajkumari Indumati head to Bali Kingdom when all of them get an invitation from Bali's king for Arjun's crowning ceremony. During their journey, Raja Indravarma tells everyone about the beauty and harmony of Bali. When all of them reach Bali, they notice that something is unusual and fishy. Eventually, they find out that the evil witch Rangda has risen from the Kalchakra and has captured over the kingdom of Bali. Every single person from Bali gets affected by the black magic of Rangda. Even she makes the king and queen of Bali prisoners . Only Arjun manages to run away and hide. Now all the kids including Arjun and Bheem unitedly decide to fight against the wrathful Rangda. Will the tiny tots be able to succeed in their mission?


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