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Children of War Plot

Here's Bangladesh who's fighting its best for freedom, a separate democracy all over. Merely, as usual it's the frenemy nation Pakistan who's spoiling the treat with stating the Bong nation to be one of its part and declining freedom. With a revolt in carnation, several activists rise up in protest among which is a journalist Amir (Indraneil Sengupta). But as his writings create a threat, he along with wife Fida (Raima Sen) has a huge price to pay. Where Amir is cruelly beaten up, Fida is raped and abducted to a camp prison where various others like her are in captive to be impregnate and give birth to a nation less streak, rest all needs no description. Parallel runs another track of orphan Bangladeshi siblings who fight their best to get into the secure lands of India, without getting into the hands of dominant Pakistanis.


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