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Chutki Bajaa Ke Plot

Movie "Chutki Bajaa Ke" gently and yet ardently tells us how the orphaned survivors of the natural calamities and man-forced disaster are subject to lead a life of deficiency in the hands of their own fellow human beings. The story of the movie follows the life and evils of a child whose name is Chhotu. He works in a dhaba which is situated on the side of the road. He is usually ill-treated by his boss and some rich spoilt brats who study in a close-by school also misbehave with him. Despite all these, Chhotu's belief in forgiveness and his positive outlook on life finally makes him a good-natured character. Anytime when he is hurt, he seeks comfort in the kind words of Baba Khan who not only understands him and gives him sympathy but also acts as his mentor and guide. One day Chhotu is gifted with a magnetic amulet which posses some super powers. Some fun filled sequences follow before Chhotu makes his tormentors understand their mistakes and story of the film concludes with a positive note for the society.
This movie has been inspired from many real stories of such children who are forced to work on the highway dhabas due to different reasons.


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