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City of Gold Plot

These days, there is barely anybody who hasn't visited the posh shopping complexes, nightclubs, relaxing bars, clubs and other such daily life target that leap up from corner to corner in the centre of Mumbai.

However, very small number of people know that buried bottomless beneath these dazzling edifices to consumerism lies the sinister, unclean and aching truth of numerous mill workers who some time ago worked in the cotton mills in this very same region. growing and laboring to the wail of the grate sirens each and every day, 7 days a week, these employees personified the accurate unrestrained passion and unfaltering force of the metropolis and played a key function in the progression of Mumbai as the current day trade center of India.


And then it unexpectedly was as if they not at all existed. Subsequent mill employees strike in the mid 80s, these mills started shutting down quickly and the mill workers puzzlingly vanished. What happened to them, and where did they go is one of the most disgraceful top secret that the metropolis of Mumbai will have to tolerate for generations, one that hitherto has at all times been spoken about in soft words.

City of Gold is the story of the mill workers who are forgotten; it not only investigates the indifference of these mill employees told through the tale of one such family, but is also a take no hostages account of the birth of the real underbelly of prepared offense in Mumbai.

The film City of Gold traces the birth of the politics of gluttony in Mumbai and exposes the unholy agreement between the triumvirate of big trade, the political organization and the trade union leaders who apparently were charged with caring the rights of the mill employees. In the 2 decades that followed, the total scenery of Central Mumbai was changed everlastingly. Land became the money of development, and this began the methodical disappearance of mills in Mumbai. In a matter of not many years, hundreds of thousands of employees lost their resources of living. Generation after generation they worked in the mills only so they knew no other work other than this. So, when mills closed they could not find any other job and thus they went back to their ancestral place. However, there were a few who chose to stay back and fight for their right but they soon understood that they would never win. Thus some took the drastic step of committing suicides because they could not face their miserable lives, and some others went into the criminal world.

Truth… as is said, is stranger than fiction. But the reality that the movie discloses is not merely stranger but sinister and dirtier than any mind could ever imagine. Produced by DAR Motion Pictures and from the Director of dark and practical movies like Vaastav Mr Mahesh Manjrekar, 'City of Gold' takes another journey down memory lane.... just that this time around the consequence is a much more heart pulling, soul rousing and appalling film about human greed and indifference.

The film doesn't offer any straight answer. Yet it explodes many a myth and raise many queries which only the course of time will give answers to..........


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