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Commando-A One Man Army Plot

Captain Karanvir Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal) is a commando with 9 Para Commandoes of the Indian Army. He accidently crashes into the Chinese territory during his routine training. Karan, who has lost all his identification proofs, is not able to prove his identity to Chinese officials as they don't find any proofs. They feel that they can prove him a spy and use this loophole to embarrass the Indian Government of sending a spy. The Indian Government feels that the Chinese will not accept Karan's any proofs who has crashed during a routine army training. So they erase Karan's records and deny his existence in the Army.

Karan somehow manages to escape from the Chinese border before he can be punished. He crosses into Himachal Pradesh at the Lepcha border. He further travels through Kinnaur to reach at his base camp in Pathankot. When Karan crosses Himachal and Punjab border he meets a girl Simrit ( Pooja Chopra) who breaks away from Amrit Kanwal Singh's (Jaideep Ahlawat) assailants. Amrit Kanwal Singh is an immoral person and wants to marry Simrit for political achievements. He thinks that marriage will get him some respect in the society. Karan warns Amrit's men to leave Simrit but they don't listen to him. They face the consequences of Karan's rage for troubling Simrit. But Simrit does not feel rescued and tells Karan that he must help her till she feels safe as he has created more troubles for her. Amrit eventually corners them the Andheria Bridge and finding nowhere to go, Karan and Simrit jump off the bridge into a fast flowing river.

The river carries them into a forest where Karan listens to Simrit's story. He promises to help her till the end. He decides to stay in the forest until all the matter between Amrit Kanwal Singh and his men settles down. Here, Amrit decides to follow them and get Simrit in his custody anyhow. Thus begins a cat and mouse game between Karan and Amrit in the dark forest. Will Karan be able to save Simrit and other people who live under the constant fright of Amrit Kanwal Singh's acts of terror? Or will the AK47 aka Amrit Kanwal Singh continue his control of terror over the people?


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