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Cycle Kick Plot

Cycle kick is the tale of how little things, no matter how humble to us, could be the largely hunted after money for another. It is the story of 2 brothers, Ramu (The name of the actor) and his smaller brother Deva (The name of the actor).
Both brothers live in a little coastal village and without mother and father they have grown up relying only on life's requirements. Ramu works whole morning and goes to a college in the afternoon only so that he could send Deva to a respectable school. Both brothers are unable to see their lives changing… Till a day both find a compressed up cycle. The fix it and quickly their lives transform.
Ramu is competent to be additionally fruitful and take up additional works and Deva fulfils his dream of possessing a bi-cycle, which is seen as a sign of prominence in this sluggish village. Their lives are gazing up… Then unexpectedly the cycle is stolen. Ramu and Deva hunt for the thief and it takes them to Ali (The name of the actor). Ali is a lively immature man using the bi-cycle as a method to make an impression.
For Ali, it makes him the core of notice at last. Ramu and Deva face up to Ali who vows that he did not steal the cycle and would not let it go simply. In the centre of this clash, the trainer of the Government College Ramu and Ali study at (Tom Alter), suggests a noble method to resolve the argument  to a football match. On playing themselves to a standstill, both of them make a decision to share the cycle until Ali's precedent catches up to him and the bi-cycle is smashed in a battle with boys from the more costly St. Joseph's College. Keen to resolve the score the Coach and the boys make a decision to take on St. Joseph's in a football match.
Ramu and Ali are devoid of facilities and even a training ground but both make it up in mind and wish. Who would succeed? Cycle kick is about respect, superiority and the joys of youth ending in a vivacious climax that will demonstrate who would KICK or be KICKED!!!


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