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Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! Plot

It's a story of an upcoming Actress who is over ambitious to be a Starlet of Bollywood.

Mr. Dabu, a middle age man of forty, completely looser absconded and left alone in life but having weakness of luxury life and women, is madly infatuated to this upcoming Starlet who one day suddenly gets rich when hits a jackpot of inheritance. He decides to go to Starlet to share his fortune and his future.

Starlet gets shocked and amazed after seeing so much of money with him in cash. She wants his money only but not him and she is confused what to do?

Suddenly she received a call of her boyfriend and lured by her boyfriend to con all the money of Mr. Dabu. He makes the plan for that and accordingly she should convince Mr. Dabu that they should go to an unknown destination to decide their future.

Agreeing with the boyfriend but confused what to do but then finally she goes to Dabu and tells him they cannot fly with so much of money and they should hire a car and make their journey by road.

(Car consists Mr. Dabu, Starlet, Secretary of starlet Mr. Seekhonath who is also attracted towards her and a car driver.)

The car driverwhose name is Charlie is a young handsome boy wonders what the beautiful girl is doing with Mr. Dabu. (An elder age man) and doubtfully think "Daal mein kuchh kala hai"?

Because of the stupidity of starlet's secretary they leave behind scent of money with the unwanted people.

On the way, being odd couple, make people suspicious that "Daal mein kuchh kala hai"? They also follow them to know what is happening and they doubt that Mr. Dabu is carrying a bag full of money.

In the night, on the road, a stormy rain fall breaks out in middle of the forest, a huge tree falls down and blocks their way.

No ways to go for them, they spot a light then they go nearby they find a beautiful palace built in memory of a beautiful lady. They decide to take their shelter for the night.

After reaching the palace, they are given shelter by the palace manager.

As night passes, rainy storm gets stronger and delay their stay. They also realized that the palace has the presence of a soul and the palace is possessed by her. But to comfort themselves they ignore it.

Their imagination goes hay wire and they think that it's their sixth sense and build courage to stay till the storm stops. The unwanted people who are tracking them also reach the palace.

The palace where the spirit of a beautiful angel lives who transforms herself into duplicate of the starlet and makes everyone run for the money in full form of entertainment in a comic manner.

In the palace some wanted the money only. Some wanted the money and the girl.

Finally the entire tussle begins over the money which leads to the climax with a question that who will get the money? The angel who is saintly hearted soul finally does the justice and handover the money to rightful owner.

On the whole, from first frame to last frame entire film is full of comedy, fun and entertainment....


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