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Dabangg Plot

"I do not want to be sheltered from dangers. I want to be fearless while facing them" Dabangg means brave. Set in Laalgunj, Uttar Pradesh, Dabangg is a tale of Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan), a completely bold but dishonest police officer with unconventional working ways. But even the most daring at times face a hard-hitting fight with their deepest devils. Chulbul has had a sour childhood. His daddy had died when he was very young. Thereafter his mother Naini (Dimple Kapadia) got married to Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna). Jointly, they had a son Makhanchan (Arbaaz Khan).
Prajapati favours Makhanchan which does not go down in good health with Chulbul. He makes a decision to manage his fate and separates himself from his stepfather and half brother. His only affection is his mother. However after his mother's death and an unsuccessful effort to mend wounds, Chulbul breaks all ties with his stepfather and half brother. 
Rajo (Sonakshi Sinha) with her exceptional viewpoint of life gets into his world and twists it upside down. Chulbul begins to see life in a positive way and also gets sensitized to the worth of a family.
But his enemies, especially the doubtful Cheddi Singh (Sonu Sood) have their own vested benefits and come out as spokes in the wheel, causing rift between the two brothers. Makhanchan ends up implementing acts unaware to the cost. When he understands that he was used, he turns to Chulbul. Would Chulbul catch his extended hand? Would the brothers be able to spoil their enemies?
Would this time, Chulbul's courage channelize itself in a positive manner and bring back together him his family? Dabangg is a forceful, enjoyable, touching narrative that unfurls fascinatingly in a region that has place only for the brave.


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