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Dangerous Ishq Plot

The producers who made India's first Stereoscopic 3D motion picture 'Haunted 3D' are now coming to you with India's first factual 3D thriller 'Dangerous Ishhq'. Supermodel Sanjana (Karisma Kapoor) and Rohan, who is the son of one of the nation's leading business tycoons have been one of the most well-liked couples in the communal circuit. When Sanjana goes against flying to Paris at the last minute- for a profitable modeling task, she does so, not only  because she cannot tolerate to remain away from her boyfriend Rohan, but more prominently because her instinct thrust her in opposition to going. But what her instinct could not do is prevent Rohan from getting kidnapped.
The high profile kidnapping case creates confusion in the life of Sanjana. The people who had kidnapped Rohan now demand rupees fifty crores as ransom. The cops, however, think that even by paying the money, there was no surety that Rohan would be sent back to them. Thus it is seen that time is of maximum essence. Death stares in the eye of Rohan. It is in this tremendous disturbance that Sanjana finds something which is unusual. She watches visions of them together- sometime in the past- in diverse eras.
Sanjana is confused at first but in her visions lay ultimate clues that could show the way her to save the life of her love. As she follows clue after clue she finds that she is getting closer and closer and sometimes going far away from the love that has been getting away from her through the ages.
An alluring suspense thriller, Dangerous Ishhq is Sanjana's assignation with her fate. Would she get success in unraveling the past to save her future? Would she get success in rescuing her love and expose his real kidnappers?


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